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Company ownership. Administrative details.

Company ownership

STENLI-03 LTD is founded, registered and managed by mr. Stefan Kostov, as a General Manager and owner of the capital.

Administrative details

STENLI-03 LTD is a limited company registered under the Trade Law of Bulgaria with court decision of the Municipal court in Montana, Bulgaria under № 658/ 2003. Main company headquarters is located at 10 Panaiot Volov Street in Lom, Bulgaria.

CORE BUSINESS: Energy transmission, distribution and supply projects

STENLI-03 Ltd or in short STENLI is a company specialized in construction of transmission, distribution and supply networks and systems. Over the years the company has established itself as a reliable electrical contractor and construction and assembly contractor for projects in the fields of the construction, repair and maintenance of electrical networks of high, medium and low voltage, photovoltaic power plants, hydro power plants, street lighting and other significant areas of the energy infrastructure of the country. Main activities of the company in energy business are - removal and installation of new concrete and steel lattice towers, stringing of insulated twisted cables or conductors, laying and pulling of cables for low and medium voltages, installation of distribution cubicles, replacement of metering equipment, reconstruction of metering cabinets, repair and renewal of equipment in open switch yard and substations 110/20 kV in all of North-West Bulgaria, repair of 20 kV and relay protections in 110/20kV substations, reconstruction of earth-grounding and lightning protection systems for 110/20 kV substations and many more.

STENLI is the only company registered in municipality Montana in North-West Bulgaria that is certified by the Bulgarian Construction Chamber (BCC) for Group III, Category I. By this registration the BCC certifies STENLI as a company with stable financial history, permanent professional team, good turnovers and returns and a company capable of working on electrical networks and substations up to 400 kV. Because of this and the continued promotion of relations with electricity distribution and transmission operators the company has established itself as a reliable partner and general contractor for the large number of energy projects in North-West Bulgaria.


Renewable energy sources (RES)

STENLI as a company is oriented towards environmental protection, energy efficiency and the introduction of renewable energy sources. In order to meet the constantly growing interest in renewable energy in company formed a business unit for turn-key construction of power plants powered by renewable sources. At present the company has all the necessary resources for turn-key construction of power plants from renewable energy sources and implementation of energy efficiency measures in residential, public and industrial facilities.

Civil works

The local leadership position in the energy business and the persistent quality of services provided to our customers contribute to the expansion of our scope of services with civil works. The Civil works team was originally formed to do accessory activities mainly concerning indoors and outdoors repairs, waterproofing and thermal insulation, roofing, siding, etc and gradually transformed in a main activity of the company including capital works of demolition, mass excavation and foundations up to ready and fully functional site with all equipment and documentation.

The Civil works division of the company performs works on numerous industrial, private and public buildings and has all the necessary machinery and auxiliary equipment for these activities.

Fences and guardrails

The company owns three pile-driving machines Orteco used for installation of protective fences (guardrails) for roads and fences for industrial and agricultural sites. With many years of experience in the installation of fences STENLI can offer many products and solutions for fences from luxury products with steel bars or electrowelded mesh up to efficient and very reliable solutions made with diamond mesh.


STENLI owns two compositions of 20 tons, which can be used for transport of aggregates and bulk shipments. For this activity the company has a valid international license to carriage of goods issued from the Ministry of Transport and Communications.


STENLI is a company with stable financial history, strict financial policy and no debt to suppliers and partners. The company's stable relationships with banks and other financial institutions provide us with different financial instruments which allow us to fund our activities appropriately and scale our business to match largescale projects with ease. The company has it's own logistics base and production workshops spread on 10 000m2 and combined with all relevant tools and equipment for our scope of services.

Stenli-03 Ltd. Reliable contractor.

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