High voltage and Medium voltage substations

Delivery and installation of switching systems for low, medium and high voltage

High Voltage (HV) switchgear and equipment

Stenli-03 Ltd has various experience in construction works in high voltage substations covering works in open switch yard, relay, command and accessory buildings. For investors or main contractors in large projects we are ready to offer the following services

  • destruction, decommissioning and dismantling works
  • civil works and accessory works inside substations in relation to accessory building and facilities
  • delivery and installation of earth-grounding system;
  • construction of foundations for HV and MV equipment;
  • assembly of steel stands for HV and MV equipment and substation HV bays;
  • assembly and wiring of HV and MV equipment and transformers;
  • laying and wiring of power and control cabling;
  • installation and wiring of monitoring and control cabinets;
  • installation and wiring of MV equipment, relay protections, monitoring equpment;
  • installation and wiring of current (CT) and voltage (VT) transformers;
  • connection to high voltage (HV) and medium voltage (MV) grids;
  • fencing system, gates and signs delivery and installation;

Middle Voltage (MV) distribution switchgear and equipment

Being one of the leaders in medium voltage grids in North-West Bulgaria we have all neccessary tools and equipment for installation of distribution transformers, switchgear and transformer stations. For prive investors or electricity distribution companies we are able to perform the following works:

  • Delivery of new transformer stations - tower mounted or free standing; metal, sandwich pannel or concrete enclosure;
  • Unloading, foundations and placement;
  • Delivery and installation of telemetry;
  • Connection to medium voltage grid;
  • Commissioning by accredited inspection body;
  • Planned and emergency maintenance;
  • Reconstruction and improvement during the life-cycle.

Low voltage supply and distribution switchgear and equipment

Stenli-03 Ltd also performers delivery, installation and connection of various kinds of electrical equipment, switchgear and cubicles:

  • Consumer cabinets (appartments, offices, shops, etc);
  • Main and distribution switchgear cabinets for hotels, administrative buildings and industrial plants;
  • Metering cabinets;
  • Automation cabinets;
  • Cabinets and systems for Building Management Systems (BMS);
  • Switchgear and cubicles in transformer stations - main, distribution, metering, etc;
  • Cubicles for street lighting;
  • Street distribution cubicles for low voltage grids - metal and polyester;
  • Cubicles for reactive energy compensation;
  • Low voltage cubicles for telecommunication projects;
  • Surge arrestor cubicles
  • Non-standard projects for distribution and supply of energy;

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